Sauna MINI

Our smallest Banya!

This Banya has only a steam area and is ideal for small gardens and have the opportunity to install our Banya near the house!

We have provided a shower outside, so that you can have a cold shower after steam room.

This model of Banya, like our other models, has a wood-burning stove, with a load of firewood outside Banya.

We have made one of the walls of the Banya completely transparent, so that you can be surrounded by nature.

Inside an outside Banya is completely made of wood.

Our Banya is mobile and can be easily moved to another place.

BANYA MINI Price from: 0 EUR
Manufacturing time:

1 week

  • width


  • length


  • height


  • area m2


Specification list:
Windows & Doors
Triple glazed seven chamber windows and balcony doors
The terrace is made of wood and covered with a protective varnish
Water & Sewerage
Ready to connect to the plumbing system.
Electrical Installation
Ready to connect sauna to the electrical 220V system
Floor & Walls
Walls and floor made from bio wood
Сovered with 4-5cm thick polyurethane insulation. Internal walls - Rockwool
Wood-burning stove
Commercial wood-burning stove with a fireplace option
Outside of the sauna we install shower
Sea Container
We are using One trip containers. This containers are absolutely new and safe