Interesting information about container houses.

FAQ’s – for those who do not like to read a lot:)))
Is it safe? Yes. When designed correctly it can be safer than many types of traditional construction.
Is it environmentally friendly? -Yes, when observing the construction rules.Is it legal? -Yes. However, additional permits may be required depending on the buildingzones or the use of the project..
How much does it cost? - A “turnkey” project that includes design, all materials andfinishing works can be bought for approximately 200,000 netto forints per square meter.
How fast? - A project of 60-120 square metres plan can take between 3 and 6 months.

Figures and facts.

Dimensions of sea containers:
Standard large-sized container (for shipping up to 20 tons)
Length 5.86m; Width 2.33m; Height 2.89m. Area 14 sq.m.
40 ft HC (increased height)
Length 12.19m; Width 2.44m; Height 2.89m. Area 28 sq.m

Shipping containers were created for high service and low maintenance use, and therefore they forma strong and long lasting base that can withstand wide ranges of temperatures and humidities whilstmaintaining their properties. They ar lightweight and rigid and hence do not require special plotpreparation. For a house of one container, or several containers on one level, it is only necessary tolevel the surface that it will stand on. ​(note to Irena that you should make a note that a structuralengineer should check this for each site) For more complex or multi-storey projects, it is necessaryto engineer suitable foundations.When compared to traditional forms of construction, a house formed from shipping containers i​sboth cheaper and quicker to construct.

Construction speed:
From agreeing the design of the project to the completion of the installation on site can takebetween 3 and 6 months, although the site installation itself lasts only 2-3 weeks, including simplefinishing work.

The main advantage is the lower construction costs when compared to traditional construction techniques.
Sustainability. A 40’ shipping container weighs approximately 3 tonnes, which is being re-cycledfor another purpose,and saving similar quantities of new materials from being used.
Mobility. If your life circumstances change then you could relocate your home to another area, cityor even country.
Resistance to extreme weather conditions.
Speed of construction and assembly.
Year round construction. Fabrication of the modular building can be carried out in all seasons in ourfactory, with installation and finishing work requiring only a few good days on site.
Flexibility to the terrain. Subject to appropriate foundations or supports, you can install containerbuildings on uneven ground or areas with a significant slope.
Security. Container houses can be designed to be extremely securely closed and protected fromintruders for long periods.
Infestation. The basic container is a sealed steel box which can be maintained to protect againstinfestation from rodents and insects.Originality. Container buildings can be very beautiful and architecturally unique in style.