About us

AIZELHAZ – is a new company in the Budapest region specialising in the construction of houses,saunas, offices, workers cabins or any other functional spaces from shipping containers of varioussizes. We love architecture and we adore the sea!!

For many years there has been a trend to develop living spaces from shipping containers, in amovement known as CARGOTECTURE.These containers are ideal elements for conversion to living spaces since they are made ofCOR-TEN certified steel and have a very strong frame.They can create a very stylish and modern home design, keeping the materials as they are and usingpanoramic glazing to bring us closer to nature.The range of standard sized containers allows efficient and modular construction according to themost extraordinary ideas whilst adhering to minimalism.In our factory we can prefabricate houses and other buildings on a “turnkey” basis, enabling rapiddelivery to your site. During fabrication, we carefully monitor and record all production processesand can select the best quality materials for finishing to your needs..

None of our buildings require significant or complex foundations (note to Irena that you shouldmake a note that a structural engineer should check this for each site) which speeds up constructionand reduces costs. Then all that remains is for us to assemble the modules together and connect tothe services, before handing you the keys to your new home!

At AIZELHAZ we have developed a range of high quality yet interchangeable designs for ourhouses. You can choose one of our ready-made projects, customise an existing design, or we canmake a bespoke project for you that is tailored to your needs.

From the point of order, to the installation of a new 100 sq.m house on your land can take as little as3 months!



  • Email: info@aizelhaz.com


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