Houses from Shipping Containers
Modular Evolution

Why a shipping container house?

Energy Efficient
Eco Friendly
Fast Construciton
Flexible Layout
No Permit

Houses from shipping containers

House from shipping containers- a great alternative to the usual suburban building. Large area of the house can be obtained by combining several containers, depending on your requirements. A container house is a guarantee of high quality, reliability and durability. We will develop a house project from a container of any format. These houses are based on 20 and 40ft containers. For example, to create a house with an area of 80-100 sq.m, three 40ft containers are used. But to createthis project only two month needed. Container houses are a turnkey solution that is very popular all over the world today. If you would like to buy a turnkey house from container or would like to ask any quastions about it, please give us a call! Our experts will help you to make the right choise.

A shipping container home satisfies many desires:build an inexpensive home quickly, make it secure on the outside and modern on the inside that will leave your neighbors gasping in surprise, A shipping container house can be as a separate module: you can add two or three or more together if needed.

Installing a house from shipping containers does not require a building permit.

Such a house can be installed on areas where capital construction is prohibited
( for example, on forestry lands, in protected natural areas, in coastal lines.)

A house made of shipping containers does not need to be registered. These houses are not subject toreal estate tax.


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